Kavallerie Horse Saddle Pad-Anti-Slip Gel-Lightweight And Breathable-Shock Absorbing Technology-Prevent Injuries-Gel Saddle Half Pad-For Equestrian Dressage Racing Eventing Training

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Manufacturer Description

Whether for dressage, eventing or any other equestrian activity, every rider deserves a comfortable saddle pad, as well as your beloved horse.
Kavallerie Non-Slip Gel Saddle Pad is designed to ensure maximum protection, comfort and stability for both the rider and the horse.

Anatomically molded to infill withers where there is minimal of muscle cover, our saddle pad naturally conforms to any saddle shape making it flexible for use with all types of saddles. Ergonomic gel mold prevents the saddle from slipping off when riding with maximum comfort for both horse and rider for optional functionality.

Unlike other horse saddle pads, ours contains shock-absorbing ReiterGel technology to absorb impact, lowering the chance of injuries caused during riding while retaining its form even after prolonged use. Air-thru perforated structure of the saddle pad allows excess heat to escape and for cool air to freely pass through to prevent overheating and discomfort when riding.


Never have to worry about injuries, discomfort while riding, your saddle pad breaking apart, slipping off or leaving sores on your bottom or on the horse’s back.  Choose Kavallerie equestrian gear. 


Tradition and history are ingrained in the spirit of Kavallerie, but we are consistently innovating cutting-edge technology to separate ourselves from the rest of the competition. Since day one, we have incorporated 3 key elements into every product: protection, comfort and utility for both horse and rider. Our main priority is you and your horse's safety without compromising comfort and practicality. We are constantly striving to exceed the expectations of current riders and lead the way towards the future.

Excellence in Motion  

Product Features

UNPARALLELED COMFORT AND STABILITY: Kavallerie Anti-Slip Gel Pad has the welfare and comfort of both the rider and the horse in mind. Designed to ensure maximum protection, comfort and stability for you and your horse. The soft cushioning effect from the gel material adds a cloud-like layer of support when riding.

ANTI-SLIP MOLD AND FIT: Created to infill high withers where there is minimal muscle cover and requires development. The unique shape of this saddle pad also allows natural compression that conforms to the saddle's shape, making it usable with any type of saddle. Four different versions available depending on your need: front, middle, rear riser and seat saver.

BREATHABLE AND SWEATPROOF PERFORMANCE: Air-perforated ReiterGel allows excess heat to escape and cool air to flow through which prevents overheating and discomfort for both horse and rider. As the horse's hair easily heats up, keeping the horse and rider cool is critical when riding, especially during performance and eventing.

SHOCK-ABSORBING GEL TECH: Our saddle pad utilizes a specialized gel technology, ReiterGel, which absorbs shock upon high impact to prevent unwanted injuries and pain from extended periods of riding and performance. Without a shock-absorbing saddle pad, most horses sustain pain and injuries associated with the back.

EASY TO WASH AND MAINTAIN: This saddle pad can also be machine- and hand-washed with just a bit of detergent. After, simply lay flat over a smooth surface to dry. Only one size available but can also be easily cut to fit smaller sizes.