yeezo Horse Hoof Soaking Boot Hooves Soaker Bag for Treating Common Ho...

only £19.95

Weaver Leather Western Gel Seat Pad, Black

only £94.98

Toca Life: Farm

only £3.99

The Secret of the Warm Fuzzy Blanket: Proven Wisdoms on raising Emotio...

only £3.76

Stoneleigh II Dressage Saddle - Black 

only £20.99

Spiral Blanket Hanger Rotating Storage Rack Stainless Steel Drying Rac...

only £15.47

Rein. A selection of horsey products from Amazon.

We've automatically searched Amazon UK for all sorts of horsey bits and pieces, which means, hopefully, you can save time finding what you want.

Please search away and if you want to buy anything, your clicks will take you through to Amazon where you'll continue as you normally would.

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It can be tricky buying a saddle. Different horses are different sizes with different shaped backs and varying walking, trotting and cantering movement.  At the end of the day it's a bit of a punt but many of these saddles are made comfy for the horse underneath with lots of padding.This makes it slightly better for fitting a wider range of back shape.

And, of course, you've got to think of the rider's comfort and how you both look as well. Just don't forget to put the horse's comfort first!


This site lists all sorts of saddles from all sorts of saddle vendors that are listed on Amazon. Go wild and search away!